LigaUltras Community rules

LigaUltras is more than a game. LigaUltras is a virtual world dedicated to you - football fans around the world. Altogether, you’ve formed an international community where all members have the same passion and speak the same language - the language of football.

As in any other community, there are certain Rules to abide to, aimed to improve each member’s experience. We advise you to read them and to respect them, in order to have a safe and pleasant journey in the Football World of LigaUltras!

  • We do understand that some supporters use strong language in a football game, but it is NOT allowed to use hate speech. Hate speech is speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits.
  • It is NOT allowed to post in public personal contact information, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers or any other information that would individually identify you or anyone else without approval;

  • It is NOT allowed to impersonate the Admin team. Any player attempting it might be banned without a warning, along with the accounts associated with it;

  • It is NOT allowed to post spam content in the News Feed, or sending illegal content to Players that might compromise their accounts. Any player attempting it might be banned without a warning, along with the accounts associated with it;

  • It is forbidden to sell/buy LigaUltras accounts. Any Player reported for that might be banned without a warning, along with the accounts associated with it;
  • Because we encourage fair-play, it is also forbidden to play with multiple accounts. Any Player that will be reported for this reason, will be under investigation and might be banned without a warning, along with all the accounts associated with it;
  • The only official way of communicating with the game administrators is via a ticket to the Support team. You can send a ticket by filling up the Contact form at the bottom of the homepage;  

Country groups on Facebook:

Players have a common space where they meet, within dedicated country groups on Facebook. Here they can share their success stories, search for new teammates or new Clubs to join, and help each other become better in LigaUltras. Same rules apply here as well. Please also keep into consideration the following details:
  • These groups are aimed to bring Players together. Any attempt of creating a hostile environment, promoting hate among Players, using violent or threatening language towards the community or towards the game Administrators, can lead to temporary or permanent account suspension.
  • Promoting false information regarding the game and its features or events, without an official confirmation from an Administrator, is strictly forbidden.  
  • When having a doubt about the information read, please contact the Support team for an official confirmation. 
Note: Permanent bans cannot be appealed, as they are definitive.
Here is the list of Facebook country groups: Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, Bosnia, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, England, Egypt, France, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, India, Italia, Latvia, Macedonia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia,
SpainUSA, Uruguay, Tunisia, Turkey, Indonesia, Ukraine, South Africa.


LigaUltras is a world made for YOU, therefore your feedback is very important for us. Feel free to send a Ticket with your feedback and suggestions on any feature of the game, as well as your ideas on how to improve your experience!  Read here more on How to Contact us.

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